Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekly Challenge 8/23/2010

My challenge, I hope, will be a fun one! I was looking through the latest issue of Vanity Fair (the one with Lady Gaga on the cover) and came across this short article by Michael Kors titled My Dream. It totally inspired this layout!!
My challenge to you, is to create a similar layout showcasing some of your dreams along with a portrait of yourself or someone else that you interview. I think that this would be a cool page to interview a family member and see what their dreams are!
Here are the "dream" statements used in the article for inspiration:
*my dream (scrap) collection
*my dream gadget
*my dream concert
*my dream dinner party
*my dream holiday
*my dream mode of transport
*my dream wardrobe
*my dream home
*my dream is to live to see
*my dream conversation
*my dream color palette
* my dream meal
* my dream possession

Please include 3-5 (or more) dream categories along with the title of "my dream" . . . other than that . . .the sky's the limit!

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