Friday, November 6, 2009

Day 6 - Repetition

Welcome to Day 6 of our Design Series! I hope you have all been able to take these principles and either, apply them to your pages and/or look at your completed pages with a new sense of accomplishment! Either way, we hope you are enjoying learning about design.

Today's Design Principal is Repetition!
Repetition is the use of similiar objects or elements for a unified effect. Repetition acts as a visual key that ties your layout together. Repetition controls the reader's eye and helps you keep their attention on the piece as long as possible.

You can use repetition on your layouts by repeating elements such as a graphic or font style or size. To get started, repeat elements that you're already using.
In the layout below I repeated the circles throughout in order to control the viewer's eye and to tie the layout together.

Repetition is one of the easiest design principles to apply to your pages, so go and try it out! Upload your creation to the CP gallery and then link it back to the Day 6 - Repetition thread and be entered to win a RAK!



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