Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day Three - Contrast

Today's design lesson is all about Contrast with Design Team Member Andrea!

John Lovett said this about contrast:

"Contrast is the juxtaposition of opposing elements eg. opposite colours on the colour wheel - red / green, blue / orange etc. Contrast in tone or value - light / dark. The major contrast in a painting should be located at the center of interest. Too much contrast scattered throughout a painting can destroy unity and make a work difficult to look at. Unless a feeling of chaos and confusion are what you are seeking, it is a good idea to carefully consider where to place your areas of maximum contrast."

I have two example of very different contrasts using the same black and white picture. In the first set of layouts, I used the black and white picture of my daughter on a black and white background. I first laid down the picture and embellishments on just a regular old piece of cardstock. There is no pop of color and everything just kind of blends together. In the second layout, I used a brilliant blue to really help the picture stand out among the repeating pattern. This is important because it allows the eye to rest and I think that it really grounds the layout. In the second set of layouts, I use contrast in a much different style. In the first picture I just laid down the picture directly on top of the 12 x 12 piece of paper. As you can see there is a definite sense of contrast. But take a look at the second layout, there is a lot going on!! Notice the contrast of black and white matted in color! There is also the contrast of single colors: eg. the green journaling block and the red ribbon and the blue/orange flowers. There is also a contrast in differing patterns . . . dots and dashes almost! As you can see, contrast can work for or against a layout. But if you are able to create contrast in your layouts, they become more visually interesting to those who reads your books! Consider trying this technique the next time you have free time to scrap!!

Next time you scrap think about how Contrast can work for you.. apply it to your layout, upload it to the Croppin Paradise gallery and to the appropriate challenge thread in our forum and be entered for a chance to win a fabulous RAK!

See you soon!

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